Considering Invisalign? Know if They’re Right for You

Have you been looking into methods to fix your misaligned teeth, but not sure which one to use? Here are some reasons why you will want to use Invisalign over traditional braces. 

Your Teeth Move Incrementally

Invisalign works by making a series of plastic alignment trays that you will swap out every two weeks. These trays work by incrementally moving your teeth until they are in the final desired position. You will receive all of your alignment trays at the beginning of the process, which makes the length of treatment predictable for when it will be finished. 

Your Treatment May Take Longer Than Using Traditional Braces

The one benefit of traditional braces is that it allows for a quicker treatment process since more pressure can be applied to your teeth to move them into the right position. Since Invisalign has a set treatment path, the movement is a bit slower and can cause the process to take longer than traditional braces. As long as you are aware of the length of treatment and are fine with it, then this shouldn't be an issue. For example, some people may want their teeth corrected before a special event, such as a wedding, and need a faster treatment.

Your Treatment Isn't Flexible

Another thing to be aware of with Invisalign is that the treatment process isn't as flexible as it is with traditional braces. Your orthodontist can make changes on the fly with braces if necessary, but this is not easy to do with Invisalign. For example, making changes will require taking a new impression of your teeth and getting a new set of plastic aligners. This will make the old aligners no longer usable and they will have to be discarded. 

Your Treatment Is More Comfortable 

If you were scared of using braces due to how uncomfortable they tend to be, know that Invisalign is going to be much more comfortable. Since the treatment is more gradual than traditional braces, your teeth move slower and the discomfort that you feel will be greatly reduced. This can help make it very tolerable to use Invisalign so that it doesn't look or feel like you are correcting the alignment of your teeth. 

Your Treatment Must Cover Both Arches

If you have a problem with only your upper or lower set of teeth that you want to fix, know that you must correct both arches with Invisalign. This is so that your bite feels natural when it is in its final position, and that can't be done by only correcting one arch.