The Importance Of The Pulp Chamber Of Your Teeth & Treatment For Deep Cavities

Deep cavities can lead to serious health problems if not treated in a prompt manner to prevent damage to the pulp chamber. It is in your best interest to seek help from a dentist while the cavities are causing you a lot of pain, as no more pain means the nerves in the pulp chamber have died. Learn why the pulp chamber of your teeth is so important and how you will have to be treated for deep cavities.

Why Is the Pulp Chamber of Teeth Important?

The pulp chamber is an important layer of your teeth because there are nerves and blood vessels in it. After the nerves are exposed to plaque bacteria from a deep cavity, they will eventually die. If you were in a lot of pain, the pain will go away after the nerves die. However, it is not a good thing for the pain to go away because the pain is how you can tell when prompt dental treatment is needed.

Blood vessels can lead problems to other areas of your body because bacteria can get into them through the pulp chamber. The blood vessels are connected to the bloodstream, so your body can develop and inflammation from the bacteria. An abscess can also grow that is filled with poisonous pus. The pus can get into the blood vessels and cause serious health problems.

You will have to get a root canal done to properly treat a deep cavity. The procedure is necessary because any dead nerves and blood vessels in the pulp chamber must be removed. The dentist will drill a hole in your tooth to reach the pulp chamber. Your cavity will also be filled with putty to keep the pulp chamber from getting infected again.

Is a Root Canal an Affordable Procedure?

If you have insurance coverage, you should have no problem affording a root canal. A root canal can cost up to $2,000 depending on where the deep cavity is located in your mouth and how much insurance coverage you have. Making payments on the procedure is also an option if you don't have insurance coverage, but it depends on the clinic you seek treatment at. Visit sites like for more information.

Treating your deep cavity will not only protect the pulp chamber from damage, but it can get rid of bad breath from an accumulation plaque in the hole. Contact a dentist to get treated as soon as possible!