Say Cheese! 4 Cosmetic Dental Treatments To Improve Your Smile

When most people think of visiting the dentist, they think of all the traditional dental services that their family dentist provides on a regular basis: thorough cleanings, fluoride treatments, cavity fillings, and so forth. However, dentists also offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can improve your smile and boost your confidence. Take a look below at four types of cosmetic dental procedures to see if one might be the perfect fit for you.

Composite Bonding

If you play sports frequently, or are generally active outdoors, chances are you know what it's like to accidentally chip a tooth. The good news is that chipped teeth are far from being lost causes. A quick visit to your dentist can determine whether your tooth is a candidate for composite bonding. In this simple procedure, a composite material that matches the look and feel of your natural tooth is bonded and shaped to make your tooth whole again. Composite bonds are extremely durable and almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing.

Teeth Whitening

Okay, so maybe you're lucky enough to have never had a chipped tooth. Still, there's probably a great deal that can be done to improve your smile. One of the most common cosmetic dental treatments is a simple teeth whitening. Whether it's damage done by too much coffee, too many cigarettes or infrequent brushing and flossing, a teeth whitening procedure can do wonders. That said, it doesn't work on composites or tooth-color fillings.


Veneers are becoming more and more common, and for good reason. Veneers can be placed over just one tooth or an entire mouth, and they dramatically improve the appearance of a smile while still looking and feeling like natural teeth. Veneers can be expensive, but they last a long time and are often necessary in cases where teeth whitening and composite bonding procedures aren't sufficient.


If the fact that you have missing teeth is causing you discomfort or causing you to not be as confident as you once were, consider dental implants. Implants are used as part of a complete restorative process, meaning that not only is the visible tooth replaced, but also that artificial roots are put in place. This helps counteract the negative effects of jaw bone loss, and can lead to better oral health overall. Don't hesitate to consult with a local dentist (such as one from Canyon Dental) about implants if you feel they might be right for you.