Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

A dentist may have to perform dental extractions when your teeth are badly damaged. It is common to want to know what to expect before having the extractions done. Here are four things to consider when determining if tooth extractions are painful.

Is the Injection of Anesthesia Painful?

Many patients are concerned about the dental injection hurting. The level of pain that you experience depends on the location and tissue type. Every anesthesia injection has three basic parts.

The insertion of the needle pierces the skin, which feels similar to a pinch. It only takes a second. Needle placement is made after it penetrates the skin. Your dentist has to advance the needle to the position of where the anesthesia needs to be placed.

Placing the anesthetic solution into your tissues is the most painful step of the injection. Your dentist has to deposit the right amount of anesthesia into your tissues.

Some dentists use a paste to numb the area before inserting the needle, so ask your dentist about this if you're worried about the pain.

Tissue Damage

The amount of damage to your tissues determines the amount of pain you experience after the extraction. Your dentist will try to remove the tooth as least traumatically as possible. When a tooth is impacted, it is hard to get out and may leave damage to your tissues. Your dentist will try several ways to get it out, such as cutting away the bone tissue and gum that surround the tooth and using forceps to loosen the tooth from your jaw bone.

The Amount of Infection

The amount of infection present affects overall pain you may experience from the procedure. A really bad infection can cause severe damage to your mouth. This damage include swollen gum tissues, pus everywhere and bone that is eaten away and brittle in the jaw bone. Having severe infection means you are going to experience more pain and it take longer to heal.

Pain Threshold

The level of your pain threshold depends on the individual. Some people can take more pain than others. For example, many women can give birth without medication. Other women cannot get through childbirth without drugs. It also helps to follow your doctor's instructions after the procedure. According to WebMD, you should not spit forcefully or rinse for 24 hours after extractions to keep from removing the clot that forms in your tooth socket. How painful extractions are depends on how much you can endure.

There is no reason why dental procedures should be very painful, because of the latest technology. Local anaesthetics are more powerful now. These drugs also go deeper and last longer. Your dentist want to make sure that you do not suffer much pain. For more information about the tooth extraction process, contact a company like A Q Denture Services.