3 Things To Know About Dental X-Rays

Going to the dentist may not be something that you enjoy, but is necessary for the health of your teeth. Taking care of your smile will provide you with long-lasting results. The time you spend going to the dentist and completing your oral hygiene is certainly time that is well invested. It's likely that you will need to get dental x-rays occasionally when you go in for a routine cleaning and dental evaluation. This will provide your dentist with a thorough view of your teeth, roots of your teeth and bones. It's ideal to know specific things about x-rays so you will be better informed when these are required.

The process

Getting an x-ray at your dentist isn't painful at all and is part of your general dental treatment. You may feel a little discomfort because of having to hold your mouth wide open for a short amount of time.

Typically, a dental hygienist will complete the x-ray, and this involves placing a thin x-ray film on a piece of plastic. You will then be asked to bite down on this piece, and an x-ray will be taken. You will have a protective apron placed on you to keep your body shielded from the radiation.  Your dentist may get several x-rays from different angles, and this is especially true if you have a complex dental issue.

The reasons

It's common for adults to get dental x-rays completed at least once every two years. However, if the adult is prone to decay, it may be necessary to have this process done every year or 18 months.

Listed below are additional reasons x-rays are requested other than for preventive purposes:

1.    In order to check if you have an infection in the bone of your teeth.

2.    If you have the symptoms of the advanced gum, disease known as periodontal disease.

3.    Finding the root cause of an abscess or cyst in your mouth can be done by getting an x-ray.

The costs

If you've got a dental visit scheduled and it's time for x-rays, you may want to know the costs. Studies indicate the average cost of a bite wing is $10-$25 for an adult. It's common for two sets of x-rays to be taken for adults, and this includes both the right and left back teeth.

Taking care of your teeth is your best defense in being able to avoid expensive dental procedures and an extraction. Be sure to schedule you dental visit as necessary to ensure your dental health today!