Answering Three Common Dental Implant Questions

When a patient is unfortunate enough to have suffered the loss of one of their teeth, it is important for them to understand that dental implants can be an excellent way of addressing this particular dental problem. However, this is a relatively new procedure, which means many patients may not be very knowledgeable about this option. If you are unsure of pursuing this option, you may benefit from having the following questions answered.

What Factors Determine If A Patient Can Undergo Dental Implant Surgery?

Sadly, it should be noted that not every patient will be able to undergo this type of procedure. The installation of a dental implant will require a metal screw to be inserted into the jawbone. As a result, patients will need to have healthy gums as well as enough bone in the jaw to support the implant. In cases where the gums are diseased, the patient will have to wait until the gums have fully healed to start this procedure. When a patient is lacking enough jawbone to support the implant, it is possible to perform a bone graft. While this procedure will greatly increase the length of time it takes to receive your implant, it can be the only option for those that have this problem.

Will Dental Implants Require Expensive Or Inconvenient Maintenance?

If you have a missing tooth, dental implants can help to transform your smile, but you may be one of the many people that might worry about the maintenance requirements of this treatment. While dentures and dental bridges can require rather intensive care, you should be relieved to learn that dental implants are extremely low maintenance. In fact, they will require no special care outside of brushing, flossing and routine dental cleanings. Furthermore, these implants are designed to be permanent, which can help save you from having to pay for regular denture or bridge replacements.

Can Dental Implants Be Combined With Dentures?

For patients that have lost most of their teeth and currently use dentures, it is possible to combine the implants with the dentures to produce a more natural smile. As an example, individuals may want to have dental implants placed in the front of the mouth to help reduce the visibility of the dentures.

Additionally, implants can be combined with dentures to enhance their stability. This can be particularly beneficial for those that only have a couple of natural teeth remaining. By strategically placing implants in the mouth, it may be possible to ensure that the dentures are more securely held in place. Contact a dentist at a clinic like Gordon Dental for more information.