New Tech For Quick Impacted Teeth Diagnostics

If you suspect that your teeth are impacted, waiting is a stupendously poor idea. There are few types of discomfort as unpleasant as tooth pain, and impacted wisdom teeth are high up even on that list. Fortunately, there are some new technologies that make detection of impacted teeth a quick and easy thing so that you ca hurry up and get the help you need instead of having to do a lot of waiting and lying around in suspense.  


Lasers can be helpful in cleaning around wisdom teeth and in exposing them if you need a diagnosis. This is important when it comes to getting into the dentist's chair due to the fact that laser dentistry often causes less discomfort than other options. While you won't be able to avoid drills entirely with impacted teeth, an office with laser equipment could reduce the use of more traditional dentist equipment.

Digital Scanning

Another feature that it would help to look for in an office before committing is digital scanning devices. These are often much better at detecting potential problems such as impacted teeth than other more traditional options. Additionally, those who are worried about any side effects from X-rays will like the digital option because there is less exposure required to the rays.

The photos are also often available instantly for those who are in a hurry to get an answer on whether the issues they are experiencing are from impacted teeth or not. You can see them right on the computer screen shortly after the digital X-ray machine has been engaged. The dentist will be able to show you which teeth are impacted so you can see it for yourself.

LED Detection

Other technologies that might assist you in your efforts to correct potential impacted teeth problems are special lights that can give you fast results even without X-rays. Dentists can shine these lights in your mouth and determine quickly whether your problems stem from decay and cavities or not. So, if you suspect that you might have impacted teeth, finding an office with light diagnostic technology can help you get an answer quickly. 

The important thing is to make sure that the place you decide to use has features that will help you get through the procedure smoothly, and that they are board-certified with full service available. Considering the nature of the procedure, anything less is going to leave you with a suboptimal result.

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