Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

If you are desperate for pearly white teeth, there's a good chance that you have taken the time to consider teeth whitening and might even be doing it yourself with over-the-counter whitening strips. However, you might not be getting the results that you want, or you may be experiencing discomfort. Here are some common teeth whitening mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. You Didn't Talk to Your Dentist

If you are experiencing pain whenever you use your whitening strips, it might be due to the fact that you are suffering from tooth decay. This can be tremendously frustrating because it can result in you not being able to get the whitening experience that you need. Talk to a dentist immediately before whitening your teeth and whenever you experience discomfort. Areas weakened by decay are more likely to be sensitive to the whitening agents used in over-the-counter whitening strips.  

2. You're Leaving the Strips On For Hours

You also might be making the mistake of thinking that the longer you have the strips on, the whiter your teeth are going to get. This is a problem because it might result in unattractive white splotches on your teeth, which many people find worse than a uniform yellow, or increased tooth sensitivity, which can make it difficult to eat. You can avoid this by following the instructions exactly on the box. The people who made your strips want them to be as effective as possible so that you keep using them. They're not going to try to cheat you out of whitening power.

3. You're Going for "Too-White"

You also might be trying to get your teeth "too-white." It is relatively common for people to try to get their teeth as white as the keys on a piano, but the problem is that this looks unnatural and is relatively impossible. You are more likely to end up with teeth that look chalky or have horrible splotches than gleaming white teeth. Instead, set a more reasonable whitening goal by aiming for having your teeth match the whites of your eyes. This will make it much easier for you to actually get teeth that will make you look more aesthetically appealing.

For more information or a more potent whitening session, talk to a dentist at a location such as Accent On Dentistry - Rowena R Martir DMD. A dentist will be able to help with cosmetic tooth whitening and ensure that the results are what you want to see.