3 Reasons To Change To A New Dentist

If you've had the same dentist your whole life, then you may have never considered upgrading to a new family dentist to take care of your needs. After all, your current dentist knows your brushing habits, common ailments you suffer from, and may even call you personally to remind you to come in for checkups. Why would you ever switch to someone new? Here are 3 reasons you may want to.

Modern services

Sedation dentistry, laser surgery techniques, and other dental practices that are becoming the norm may be out of reach if you aren't willing to branch out and try something new, Do some research and compare the services your family dentist offers over those of a competitor in the area. You may really wish you had opted for a dentist who offered advanced pain management the next time you go in for a root canal.


You may love your dentist but hate having to drive across town to get to the office. Or you may find their cancellation policy a bit dated. Perhaps you dislike having to wait months to get an open appointment. These are all valid reasons to say goodbye to your current dentist or at least have another clinic you can go to. Many dental practices are extending their hours or remaining open on weekends to accommodate busy schedules, and offices closer to your home or workplace can bring you many benefits as well.


There is an upside to sticking with the same dental practice for so many years, and that is the ability to maintain a healthy credit as far as payments go. However, a new dental practice may be able to offer you cheaper services with a comparable payment plan that works better for your finances. Before you move on to a new dentist, make sure they can offer you a much cheaper rate for your services or at least a payment plan that is easy to afford for larger work.

It may sound inconvenient to switch dentists, but there are some cases where doing so is just what you need. Compare your current dentist to those in the area to see which one works best for your schedule. You just may be surprised about the many modern services you can have available to you simply by switching to a new general dentist who can better meet you needs. People switch to the providers who offer them the best benefits all the time, and your dental clinic should not be an exception.

For more information and options, talk with different dental professionals in your area, like C. James Goodwin, DDS, PLLC.