Family Caregiving: 3 Ways To Manage All Of Your Family’s Dental Needs

Dental care is important from the time that first tooth emerges all the way up to the senior years. As a family caregiver, you know all too well the various stages of oral health, and lately it's getting crazy making sure all of those teeth are brushed. While your little ones are still learning to hit every tooth, your aging loved one now depends upon you to get them to the dentist. Fortunately, you can keep everything straight by using these strategies to streamline your family's dental care.

Visit the Same Dentists

When multiple people in your household must see the dentist every few months, your calendar can start to get pretty crowded. Family dentistry can help you keep everyone up-to-date because this type of dentist specializes in working with people of all ages. From showing your little one how to floss to managing your aging parent's gum disease, seeing the same dentist allows you to build a relationship that fosters better oral health for everyone.

Use Organizers to Store Supplies

All those different types of toothpastes and brushes can really add up. When you find that your bathroom counter is overflowing with dental supplies, use stacking drawers to keep it all organized. It may also be necessary to give your loved one a safe place to store their products that are away from the kids since things such as mouthwash that contains alcohol can be dangerous for little ones.

Make Tooth Brushing a Family Event

Seniors sometimes balk at having someone help them brush their teeth, and you know your kids can have a good whine when its tooth brushing time. Flip the switch on all the drama by turning oral hygiene into a fun family event. Try setting a timer and see who can brush their teeth the longest, or play a fun song so that everyone can brush along. Making it a game allows everyone to have fun while making sure this critical part of the daily routine is done.

Between your kids and your parent, it often seems as though you should have gone into dentistry since you brush at least a hundred teeth a day. While there's no way to opt out of dental care, you can make it easier for you and your family. By partnering with your family dentist to streamline your family's oral hygiene routine, you can keep all of those smiles bright and healthy.

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