A Few Teeth Whitening Options and Their Benefits

Having whiter teeth can boost your confidence and your self-esteem. Still, there are many different whitening options available and you may not know how to choose one for your whitening needs. Here are a few different ways to whiten your teeth along with the benefits associated with the methods.

Drugstore Whitening Kits

Many stores sell teeth-whitening kits over the counter. The kits usually include a peroxide-based whitening product along with instructions and an application method. Some kits include a mouth tray. Others offer strips or a tiny brush for the application. 

As long as the kits are used according to their instructions, they should produce at least moderate whitening results. Some applications can leave you with teeth that are several shades whiter. 

These kits are most suitable for staining that is not deeply set and, like other chemical whiteners, they cannot bleach away permanent discoloration, such as that from physical trauma or a congenital condition. Still, they offer multiple advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Inexpensive: These kits are relatively inexpensive when compared to professional treatments.
  • ADA-approved: Some kits are approved by the American Dental Association and are not considered damaging to the teeth.
  • Effective: The kits should produce noticeable results.
  • Readily Available: The kits don't require a dental appointment in order for you to purchase them.

Whitening Session at a Dental Office

Your dentist likely offers teeth-whitening applications in his or her dental office. The treatments are applied by a dental professional and can whiten your teeth quickly and effectively. 

Although in-office whitening sessions are sometimes a bit more expensive than over-the-counter kits, they have their advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Safe for Teeth and Gums: Professional teeth-whitening applications tend to be gentle for the teeth, so you are less likely to experience severe dental sensitivity afterwards. Additionally, the dentist protects the gums and lips during the application so that undue irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth is avoided.
  • Rapid Results: A professional teeth-whitening session often produces several shades of improved whiteness in a single visit.
  • Suitable for Deep Stains: Professional whitening sessions can help bleach away deep stains that may not respond to over-the-counter products. 
  • Maintenance Guidance: After a professional whitening treatment, the dentist will advise you concerning the best ways to prevent your dental stains from recurring. In addition, he or she may offer maintenance products, such as whitening pastes, for use at home.

To learn more about available teeth-whitening options, schedule a consultation with a dentist like Dunsmoor Beth C DDS in your area.