Have A Dental Emergency? What To Know About Getting Help

There are many activities that put your teeth at risk for becoming loose, chipped, or cracked. While sports is one that goes without saying, ignoring your oral health and eating are other ones. That's why it is good to know your local emergency dentist and what they can do for you.

Know the Purpose of Visiting an Emergency Dentist

It is important to seek help when you are experiencing a problem with your mouth that is painful. You'll find that an emergency dentist can best help in those situations where you are feeling pain, since they can help stabilize the soft tissue of your gums and prevent more damage from happening.

An emergency dentist can also offer you a fix that will be temporary, giving you some time to have the problem permanently repaired by your normal dentist or a specialist. Don't expect an emergency dentist to take care of the entire problem for you.

Know When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Plan on visiting an emergency dentist for teeth that have been knocked out. Carefully pick up the tooth by the crown rather than its roots, rinse off the tooth under water, and carefully place it back into the socket. The goal will be to keep the tooth moist until you can get help, and the socket where it came from is the most ideal place.

Chipped teeth are only worth visiting an emergency dentist for if the chip is causing you pain. Just make sure to gather the part of the tooth that fell off in case it can be bonded back to the original tooth.

Tissue injuries are also a concern that can be solved by an emergency dentist, including injuries to the gums, cheeks, or tongue. Place a towel or gauze against the area that is bleeding until you can get to the dentist

Know How to Avoid an Emergency

Mouth guards should be worn when playing contact sports where someone can collide with your teeth. They protect your mouth against lacerations, impact, and missing or loose teeth. You should also avoid chewing on ice or anything that is not food to avoid chipping a tooth.

Now that you know the essential information about emergency dentists, you'll have realistic expectations for your visit. Find a local emergency dentist at a dental office like Cross Creek Family Dental so that you are not scrambling to find one when an emergency occurs. It will help speed the process along to see the dentist and relieve any pain.