Considering Invisalign? Three Things You Must Know

Did you never get braces as a child, and now are unhappy with your teeth as an adult? If so, you may not want to use those metal brackets on your teeth to straighten them at your current age.  Thankfully, straight teeth are still a possibility thanks to Invisalign. It will help provide the necessary corrections to straighten your teeth, yet not be noticeable to others. Here are a few things to understand about using Invisalign before you decide to get it.

Crooked Teeth Are Not Only A Cosmetic Issue

Many people think that having crooked teeth is purely a cosmetic issue.  Unfortunately, it can also cause damage to your teeth. Odd places with overlapped teeth can cause places where food, sugar, and acids get stuck.  Brushing won't even guarantee that every surface of your teeth gets clean due to the overlapping.

Once your teeth are straightened with adult orthodontic services, you'll have an easier time making sure that your teeth are clean.  You'll be able to brush and floss more effectively, with fewer places where cavities can easily form.

Invisalign Has Benefits Over Braces

When comparing Invisalign to traditional metal braces, you may not be aware of the advantages that Invisalign has.  One problem that can happen with traditional braces is dental staining. This is due to the metal brackets that are attached to your teeth for a couple years, and if the exposed parts of the tooth become discolored during that time, it will leave a light spot where the metal braces were once attached.  You'll then have to get a teeth whitening treatment done to make sure that your straight teeth look consistent in color.

Invisalign also has the benefit of being invisible to other and removable.  As an adult, you can take out the plastic aligners if you have to do public speaking, and keep them on during the rest of the day without anybody noticing.

Adult Orthodontics Is Affordable

You may have avoided looking into an adult orthodontic treatment because you were afraid of the cost.  Thankfully, Invisalign is very comparable in price to traditional braces. While Invisalign does cost more overall, the whole procedure is still very affordable for adults.  You may even feel that it is worth paying a little more for an improved orthodontic procedure that gives you so many benefits.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist if you need more information about getting Invisalign as an adult.