Common Causes Of Pediatric Dental Problems

As your child's mouth is growing and developing, it is important to understand the types of issues that could impact this development. Failing to understand these key points may contribute to your child needing major treatments in the future.

Excessive Thumb Sucking

While it is perfectly normal for a young child to suck on their thumbs, this is a behavior that should be broken once the teeth start to grow into the mouth. Otherwise, the pressure from sucking on the thumb can lead to alignment issues with the teeth that may last for well into your child's adult life. In addition to causing alignment issues, this could also introduce bacteria to the mouth that could weaken the enamel on the new teeth.

Poor Brushing Habits

It is often a chore to get children to adequately brush their teeth. When the teeth are not sufficiently brushed, plaque and tartar can be left on the surface of the teeth. Over time, these materials will be able to contribute to teeth decay while also putting your child at risk of developing gum disease. By monitoring your child's brushing habits, you may be able to ensure that they are thoroughly brushing all of their teeth. Ideally, you should strive to have your child brush for at least two continuous minutes, as this should be long enough to allow for all of the teeth to be thoroughly cleaned.

Chips And Cracks

Injuries are another common part of childhood. While parents will find that they must regularly tend to scraped knees and other minor injuries, they may fail to realize that their child's teeth can also be injured. During a fall or other accident, your child's teeth may become chipped or cracked. While this can seem like a minor issue for an adolescent tooth, it should still be repaired. Otherwise, the teeth may become severely infected, which can adversely impact the development of your child's adult teeth. A dental filler is often sufficient for these tooth damages, but only a dentist will be able to determine the best repair option.

Dental Crowding

Dental crowding is another issue that can lead to serious cosmetic problems by causing the teeth to be misaligned. However, it can also lead to structural damage to the teeth. This is due to the pressure the teeth may be putting on each other, along with the difficulty of cleaning the spaces between the teeth. Extractions and braces are used to alleviate these problems so that your child's smile will develop in a healthy and beautiful way.

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