Why You Might Need Braces Even If Your Teeth Appear Straight

If you look at a mirror while smiling and see that your teeth are basically straight, you might wonder why your dentist is recommending visiting an orthodontist for braces. Braces are best known for offering a way to straighten teeth, but this is certainly not the only purpose of braces. In fact, braces are actually designed to fix issues with unhealthy bites, and this might be the reason your dentist is recommending braces.

What Is a Bite?

The term "bite" is something you will often hear both dentists and orthodontists talk about, and it refers to the way your upper teeth and lower teeth fit together when your jaw is closed. The way your upper and lower teeth meet is very important for your oral health, and this is why dentists care so much about a person's bite. If your bite is off, you could get more cavities or experience temporomandibular joint disorder. You might also have a higher risk of experiencing gum disease, enamel erosion, and many other problems.

What Are Common Bite Issues?

The most common bite problem is an overbite. This type of bite exists when the upper teeth extend too far past the lower ones when the jaw is closed. While the front teeth should rest in front of the bottom teeth, there should not be a huge gap between them. An open bite is another issue that occurs when the front teeth on the upper and lower arches do not meet when the back teeth are touching. An underbite is also a common problem, and this occurs when the front teeth are located behind the bottom teeth when the jaw is closed.

How Do Braces Fix Bite Problems?

Braces are great for aligning teeth into the proper positioning, and because of this, they are great for fixing bite issues. Bite issues are the result of teeth being misaligned. Therefore, a dentist can use braces to make shifts in the teeth to fix any type of bite issue a person may have. Choosing to fix a bite issue will give you more confidence and may help you avoid oral problems in the future.

Fixing a bite issue is even more important for your oral health than fixing crooked teeth. If your dentist recommends visiting an orthodontist, you should schedule a visit with one in your area to learn more about the options you have for correcting your teeth or bite.