Why Your Orthodontist May Recommend Adult Braces

Wait, braces are just for teenagers and children, right? Not always, and more and more adults are considering getting braces, whether they go for the traditional metal bracket-style or a more modern take on braces like invisible braces or lingual approach. Your orthodontist may surprise you by suggesting braces to you, which you may not have thought about getting before. Or, you may have had braces in the past and now your dental practitioner is mentioning getting braces again, which is surprising to you.

Why is your orthodontist wanting you to get braces? Here are a few reasons why this recommendation may be made to you, and why it's worth listening to.

Your teeth may be way overcrowded

Teeth crowding is popular with many people, including adults who even used to have straight teeth. It's not unusual to see the lower teeth in particular start to get more crowded with age as the face changes shape and the lower jaw changes shape as well. Wisdom teeth that have been removed later in life or that are still in the mouth can also contribute to a crooked smile.

If your teeth are way overcrowded, your smile can be affected in the way it not only looks but in how easy it is to care for your teeth overall. Your teeth may become crooked and hard to brush, and you can lose confidence in your grin if you don't do something about the condition. Since crooked teeth will not resolve on their own, let your orthodontist give you suggestions for braces to repair your smile.

Your teeth may be overlapping

An uneven bite can lead to chewing problems, issues with speaking, and can also cause uneven wear and tear on your teeth overall. If you are worried about the way your bite is, your orthodontist can give you an X-ray or do a mold of your current bite to see if correction is a concern. Jaw issues and problems with breathing while you are sleeping — particularly if you already have sleep apnea — can become a concern, so allow your orthodontist to explain to you just why braces can be a great option to help you repair your smile.

Your smile is important to you, and your oral health is even more important. When you do your part to have a healthy grin, you do your part to take care of yourself. Get orthodontist services to have as healthy a smile as possible in many ways.