Don’t Delay: 4 Reasons You Need Root Canal Treatment Right Away

If you have a cavity that has affected the nerve, and your dentist has recommended a root canal, don't postpone the treatment. You might be worried about the pain, but the problem will get much worse if you wait too long. Your dentist will only recommend a root canal when ordinary cavity treatment isn't enough to repair the damage. That's why you need to take the recommendation seriously. If you're still not sure about the treatment, read the information provided below. Here are just four of the benefits you'll receive when you don't postpone root canal treatment. 

Remove the Infection

If your cavity has progressed to the point where a root canal is necessary, you need to worry about the underlying infection. Chances are good that you've got an infection below the gum line. Unfortunately, the dentist can't get rid of the infection without the root canal. A simple filling will only take care of the hole caused by the cavity. It won't eliminate the infection, which is where the root canal comes into the picture. During the root canal, your dentist can remove all of the tissue that's become infected, which will serve to protect the rest of your tooth. 

Eliminate the Decay

If you have a lot of decay on your tooth, you can't afford to postpone getting a root canal. Avoiding the root canal will allow the decay to continue growing, which will cause further damage to your tooth. Luckily, a root canal will take care of that problem. While your dentist is performing the procedure, they'll scrape away all the decay that's destroying your tooth. 

Restore the Tooth

If you're in danger of losing your tooth, don't wait to have a root canal. Without treatment, you could lose your tooth, which means you'll need to invest in either a dental implant or a partial denture. Both of these are good options for replacing a missing tooth, but a better option is to restore the existing tooth, which is why you need the root canal treatment. A root canal will remove the decay, repair the damage, and allow you to keep your tooth. 

Alleviate the Pain

Finally, if you're experiencing tooth pain, you need to have the root canal right away. You might be alleviating the pain with over-the-counter medication, but that won't work forever. Eventually, the damage will become so severe that the over-the-counter pain medication will no longer work. That's why you need to have root canal treatment as soon as possible. Doing so will alleviate the pain you're experiencing from the affected tooth. 

For more information regarding root canal treatment, contact a dentist.