4 Preventative Dental Services For Kids

A baby starts cutting teeth around the age of six months old. These new teeth will eventually fall out, but keeping them healthy is still important even though they are not permanent teeth. When you start taking your child to a pediatric dental clinic, they will focus on preventative services for your child's teeth. These services help you prevent problems with your child's healthy mouth. Here are four common preventative dental services that kids need.

1. Deep Cleanings

During a routine visit to the pediatric dentist, the clinic will provide a deep cleaning of your child's teeth and mouth. This cleaning service is the same type of service you get when you go to the dentist for checkups. Getting a deep cleaning is a vital service for a child. It removes the plaque from their teeth and helps the dentist find risks or problems with the child's teeth. When your child gets their teeth cleaned, their teeth will be cleaner and stronger.

2. Fluoride Treatments

The second preventative service your child needs is fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatments come in different flavors and take just a few minutes. After getting one, your child should not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes. The purpose of fluoride treatment is to expose the teeth to fluoride, a mineral that strengthens the enamel. Teeth exposed to fluoride stay stronger and are at a lower risk for developing cavities.

3. Dental Sealants

Many pediatric dentists also recommend using dental sealants as a preventative measure to stop cavities. A dental sealant is a plastic covering a dentist places on molar teeth once they fully erupt. This plastic covering stops decay from getting on a tooth's structure.

4. X-Rays

X-rays are another form of preventative dentistry that kids need. Dentists might take x-rays just once a year, and the purpose is to see areas of the teeth that the dentist cannot see when looking in the child's mouth. Through x-rays, dentists can find cavities as soon as they begin developing on a person's teeth.

Not only do kids need these preventative dentistry services, but they also need to learn how to properly care for their teeth. As a parent, you can teach your child, but your pediatric dentist can also give your child tips and tricks to help them take good care of their teeth. You can contact a pediatric dental clinic to learn more or schedule a visit.