Why Should You Replace A Missing Tooth?

If you've lost a tooth, then you might not be sure whether you should fill the gap in your mouth. However, there are several good reasons to do this. 

Restore Your Confidence

If you've lost a tooth at the back of your mouth, then you might not worry too much about the gap. You might assume that people can't see it. However, you can spot missing back teeth at certain times. If you smile widely or laugh loudly, then people might be able to see your back teeth. If you've lost a front or side tooth, then it is much more noticeable. Having a visible missing tooth might affect your confidence if you know that people can see that you've lost a tooth. You might be self-conscious in social situations. You might try to hide the gap by covering your mouth or by not opening it too much. If you replace the missing tooth, then you get your confidence back. You won't have to worry about controlling your mouth so that people can't see your teeth. Social situations will become a lot easier for you.

Make It Easier To Eat

You need all your teeth to get the right bite. If you have one or more missing teeth, then you will find it hard to eat some foods. For example, you might not be able to bite or chew harder foods if you have a missing tooth. If you replace the tooth, then you restore your bite. You'll also get a full set of teeth to chew with. You'll find it easier and less painful to eat.

Avoid Damage To Other Teeth

If you lose a tooth, then you can suffer from other dental problems. The gap it leaves might affect other teeth and areas of your mouth. For example, adjacent teeth might start to shift position. They lose some support when a tooth isn't there. Or, the tooth that sits above or below the tooth you lost might develop problems. If a tooth has a gap rather than another tooth above or below it, then it has nothing to touch when you close your mouth. Missing teeth can also cause bone loss in your jawbone. If there is no tooth in an area, then your body might absorb some of the bone that is no longer used. This might affect the shape of your face.

Your dentist can talk you through replacement tooth options. For example, dental implants give you a strong and stable replacement. They look and work just like natural teeth. To find out more, talk to your dentist.