Improving Your Family's Smile One Treatment at a Time

At Risk For Osteoporosis: The Importance Of Dental Checkups

You probably already know how important regular dental checkups are to your oral health. No matter how well you brush and floss, it's still important to get your teeth professionally cleaned, and it's also an opportunity for your dentist to catch any dental problems early. But did you know that there's another group of people for whom regular dental exams are even more important – people at risk of osteoporosis? Read More 

Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

A dentist may have to perform dental extractions when your teeth are badly damaged. It is common to want to know what to expect before having the extractions done. Here are four things to consider when determining if tooth extractions are painful. Is the Injection of Anesthesia Painful? Many patients are concerned about the dental injection hurting. The level of pain that you experience depends on the location and tissue type. Read More 

A Tiny World In Your Mouth: What Learning About The Dental Microbiome Could Do For Your Dental Health

The world of the microbiome is a strange and blindingly new place. With science in every area evolving at a rapid pace, it's easy to see why scientists are eager to dive into this new frontier and learn as much as possible. However, when looking at the mouth as a kind of microbiome, new questions (and new problems) can arise about the bacteria that outnumber human cells more than 10 to 1. Read More 

Say Cheese! 4 Cosmetic Dental Treatments To Improve Your Smile

When most people think of visiting the dentist, they think of all the traditional dental services that their family dentist provides on a regular basis: thorough cleanings, fluoride treatments, cavity fillings, and so forth. However, dentists also offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can improve your smile and boost your confidence. Take a look below at four types of cosmetic dental procedures to see if one might be the perfect fit for you. Read More 

Dentures And Arthritis: Special Concerns And Cleaning Tips

Caring for dentures if you have arthritis can be challenging, but it certainly isn't impossible. Here is a look at why proper denture care is so important and tips on taking care of your dentures when you have arthritis: The Importance of Denture Care Unfortunately, people with arthritis and many other chronic diseases struggle with related oral issues. They take longer to heal after procedures, and plaque tends to build up in their mouths more easily. Read More