Dental Veneers Vs. Dental Bonding

Cosmetic dentistry has made many advancements, making it easier than ever to get the beautiful smile you've always wanted. While there are many procedures, dental veneers and dental bonding are two popular options. If you would like to know more, keep reading.  What Are Dental Veneers? Dental veneers are thin layers of enamel that reflect the appearance of tooth tissue. The dentist removes some of the tooth's enamel and attaches the veneers. Read More 

Some Information about Some Types of Oral Surgeries

Oral surgery can involve an operation that involves the teeth, the jaws, or other areas of your mouth. There are some types of oral surgery that are considered to be very common due to how often they are performed. You can learn more about some of the more common types of oral surgery in this article. This can help you to become more familiar with some types of surgery that you may end up needing someday. Read More 

2 Reasons To Take The Plunge And Get Invisalign As An Adult

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that the alignment of teeth is just something for kids and teenagers. Maybe you have always wanted to have work done to your teeth, but it was never able to be done for one reason or another. Either way, there is no deadline or age at which people should no longer consider the cosmetic procedure of having their teeth straightened. Whether you are twenty, forty, or older, if you dislike the look of your smile because of the placement of your teeth, it is time to talk to your dentist. Read More 

What Are The Advantages Of Cantilever Dental Bridges?

Traditional dental bridges aren't always the best way to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. While these bridges work well in many cases, you sometimes need a different solution, such as a cantilever bridge. How do cantilever bridges work and what are their benefits? What Are Cantilever Dental Bridges? Traditional bridges use the teeth at either side of a missing tooth to support the bridging device. Your dentist attaches the bridgework to these teeth. Read More 

Why Should You Replace A Missing Tooth?

If you've lost a tooth, then you might not be sure whether you should fill the gap in your mouth. However, there are several good reasons to do this.  Restore Your Confidence If you've lost a tooth at the back of your mouth, then you might not worry too much about the gap. You might assume that people can't see it. However, you can spot missing back teeth at certain times. Read More