3 Resons Why Soft Dentures Are A Great Choice

If you have missing teeth, replacing them with dentures is a great alternative. It is cost-effective and can help you get your smile back very quickly. If your dentist has suggested that you get soft dentures, you must learn as much as possible about them. These are some of the main benefits you will get from soft dentures. They Look Natural A great benefit of soft dentures is that they look natural. Read More 

The Role Of A Dental Crown Laboratory: Providing High-Quality And Customized Dental Restorations

Dental crowns are a common dental procedure that many people undergo to restore their damaged or decayed teeth. A dental crown laboratory plays a crucial role in creating and manufacturing custom dental crowns for patients. This article will discuss the various services offered by a dental crown laboratory. Digital Scanning and Designing Digital scanning and designing are becoming increasingly popular in the dental industry. Dental crown laboratories offer digital scanning services to take accurate measurements of a patient's teeth and create custom designs for dental crowns. Read More 

The Unexpected Link Between Swimming And Tooth Decay

Most of the substances that can corrode your teeth are deliberately introduced. Yes, you know the sugar in that soda isn't doing your teeth much good. But you know about the potential for damage, and can minimize it (limit your intake, rinse your mouth afterward, and clean your teeth as appropriate). Alternatively, there are damaging substances that can be corroding your teeth without your knowledge. This next question might seem a little strange, but how often do you go swimming? Read More 

Prevention And Treatment For Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease (periodontitis) is an advanced type of gum disease. While early-stage periodontal disease can be reversed in some instances, advanced periodontal disease may not be. Symptoms of advanced periodontitis may include bleeding, inflamed and sore gums, a bad taste in your mouth, tooth shifting, bone loss, and dental pain. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk for advanced gum disease. Here are some preventative interventions and periodontal disease treatment options to consider. Read More 

Why An Infant’s Teeth Can Have An Increased Risk Of Decay

For someone with a sweet tooth, food probably can't be sweet enough. But as far as a person's actual teeth are concerned—food can definitely be too sweet. All this extra sugar is bad news for your teeth—but it's even worse news for your children's teeth.   Dental Enamel on Teeth Dental enamel forms the hard outer layer of your teeth. This enamel has a mineral content of 96% and is the hardest substance in your body—even stronger than your bones. Read More