Considering Invisalign? Know if They’re Right for You

Have you been looking into methods to fix your misaligned teeth, but not sure which one to use? Here are some reasons why you will want to use Invisalign over traditional braces.  Your Teeth Move Incrementally Invisalign works by making a series of plastic alignment trays that you will swap out every two weeks. These trays work by incrementally moving your teeth until they are in the final desired position. You will receive all of your alignment trays at the beginning of the process, which makes the length of treatment predictable for when it will be finished. Read More 

Crown Vs. Implant | What You Need To Know

As an adult, the longer you can keep your own teeth, the better. Sometimes, however, cavities, advanced tooth decay, and gum disease all threaten the health of your teeth. Tooth loss can be frustrating, but there are steps your dentist can take to help. What are dental crowns? When you get a cavity, your dentist removes the damaged portion of your tooth and repairs it with a composite material. Fillings, however, do not always work. Read More