The Importance Of The Pulp Chamber Of Your Teeth & Treatment For Deep Cavities

Deep cavities can lead to serious health problems if not treated in a prompt manner to prevent damage to the pulp chamber. It is in your best interest to seek help from a dentist while the cavities are causing you a lot of pain, as no more pain means the nerves in the pulp chamber have died. Learn why the pulp chamber of your teeth is so important and how you will have to be treated for deep cavities. Read More 

Overcoming 3 Of The Most Common Dental Fears

If you experience anxiety at the mere thought of going to the dentist, you're not alone. However, seeing a dentist at least twice a year is a must if you want to maintain your oral and overall health. Fortunately, dental offices have come a long way when it comes to providing a more relaxing and comfortable environment for patients. Still, there are certain dental anxieties that only you can overcome; here's your guide to dealing with three of the most common ones. Read More 

5 Signs Of A Tooth Abscess

If you have moderate or severe pain, and notice a pocket of pus on your gums close to the tooth that is hurting, you probably have a tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is a collection of pus that results from a bacterial infection. When you have an infection that is not treated properly, it can turn into an abscess. This must be treated right away, so it helps to know the different signs of abscesses. Read More