Understanding The Over-Retention Of The Milk Teeth

If you have a young child, then you likely keep track of certain things to make sure that your child is on track at all times when it comes to their growth and development. Well, this definitely should include the mouth and the way that the milk teeth fall out to make room for the permanent adult teeth. Unfortunately, the baby teeth are not always forced out of the mouth when they should be. Read More 

3 Tips For Making Your Teeth Look More Attractive

Having a smile that looks its best is one of the things that will drastically improve your self-confidence. This may encourage you to get out into the world and do many things that will allow your life to be more enjoyable. The good news is you can alter the look of your teeth by visiting a cosmetic dental professional. Being aware of some top procedures to have may be helpful to you in this instance. Read More 

Considering Invisalign? Three Things You Must Know

Did you never get braces as a child, and now are unhappy with your teeth as an adult? If so, you may not want to use those metal brackets on your teeth to straighten them at your current age.  Thankfully, straight teeth are still a possibility thanks to Invisalign. It will help provide the necessary corrections to straighten your teeth, yet not be noticeable to others. Here are a few things to understand about using Invisalign before you decide to get it. Read More 

How Dental Sealant Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth All During Childhood

You want to protect your child from the pain of toothaches and the need to undergo dental fillings. Making sure they brush and floss daily is the best way to go about that, but you can also provide their teeth with an extra layer of protection by having them sealed. Your dentist may explain this option to you when your child is the right age. Here's how it works. What A Dental Sealant Does Read More 

3 Health Conditions That Can Adversely Affect Your Dental Implants

Your dental implants will dramatically improve your smile, and may even help you chew better. While the procedure usually goes off without a hitch, certain health conditions may affect the way your implants perform. Here are three health conditions that can affect your dental implants, and what you can do about them: Sjögren's Syndrome An autoimmune disorder known as Sjögren's syndrome can cause enlarged parotid glands, irritated eyes, and a dry mouth. Read More